Allow your patients to register from a distance.

Forget morning lineups!

Over 300 clinics have already eliminated their morning line-ups!

With 24/7 access to the clinic’s availabilities, registration for walk-in appointments becomes fair and simple. Forget about never-ending morning line-ups, impatience and stress. Enjoy a calm atmosphere that transforms your waiting room into a reception area as patients arrive gradually instead.

How does the online Triathlon work?

Your patients simply register online, without leaving the comfort of their home. With immediate online access to clinic availability, patients can schedule their walk-in appointment whether your clinic is open or closed. We also offer this service using an automated phone system.

Satisfied patients

By avoiding a waiting line, and any doubt about whether they’ll see a doctor, patients are calm and serene when arriving at the clinic.

A more pleasant atmosphere

No more chaos when the clinic opens

  • ‍Enhanced patient experience
  • ‍Less pressure for the reception staff
  • ‍Smaller space required for the waiting room
  • ‍Considerable reduction of appointment calls (up to 40%!)
  • ‍Better use of the clinic’s parking area
  • ‍Opportunity for the reception staff to repurpose its time to complete added value tasks
 89% of Canadians find it important to reap the benefits
of the digital health tools put at their disposal.
- Source: Inforoute Santé du Canada
« 89% des Canadiens jugent important de profiter personnellement de tous les avantages offerts par les outils de santé numérique.
- Source: Inforoute Santé Canada »
Free services

Bleen® offers FREE services for medical clinics.

That’s right, free.

Our business model is unique - we support clinics in their use of technology to improve their productivity.
This in turn positively impacts healthcare access for patients.

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