No more endless waiting lines at your reception desk thanks to self-registration.

The new CheckMeIn service allows patients to self-register through their smartphone when they arrive at your clinic. After answering a few questions, a waiting room ticket is sent directly to their phone. No more need to stand in line to register at the reception desk!

Less lines, less stress

The CheckMeIn service offers many advantages:

  • Employees can be even more productive since they do not have to reserve a large portion of their time welcoming patients and issuing waiting room tickets.
  • Patients, often sick, do not have to stand in line to register; they can take a seat and let you know they have arrived using their phone.
  • Your staff is notified as soon as a patient self-registers and has all the required information prior to the consultation.
  • Waiting room tickets issued by phone perfectly and accurately synch with tickets issued in person to patients who choose to register at the reception desk.

The CheckMeIn service helps alleviate stress in your clinic, as much for your patients who feel in control of their consultation, than for your staff who no long has to deal with long waiting lines.

CheckMeIn integrates perfectly with Synchro.

« 89% des Canadiens jugent important de profiter personnellement de tous les avantages offerts par les outils de santé numérique.
- Source: Inforoute Santé Canada »
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MeVoilà takes care of patients’ self-registering while Synchro takes care of calling them when it’s their turn to see the doctor. Combine both tools and enjoy a quick and smooth registration process.
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