A 20 minute wait time made possible using artificial intelligence.

Up until now, Bonjour-santé®’s solutions have helped reduce the average wait time in clinics from 4 hours to 45 minutes. We thought we could do even better…

There’s a delay in the clinic's schedule? We’ll take care of notifying patients!

By compiling millions of data collected following millions of medical consultations, Access20, the artificial intelligence based wait time management predictive system, was created and has made possible what seemed impossible: a less than 20 minute wait time in clinics!

Customized algorithms

Unlike traditional wait time calculation, Access20 is based on algorithms tailored to each clinic, its patterns and habits. That is why we can accurately predict the wait time in clinics, foresee delays and notify patients accordingly.

With this new service, the benefits are endless:

  • Less patients in the waiting room all at once, which means less impatience and less risk of germs being spread.
  • Less chaos in the parking lot.
  • Less stress for the medical team.
  • Less repeated questions such as “How much longer?”
  • More happy customers!

Access20 integrates perfectly with Synchro.

« 89% des Canadiens jugent important de profiter personnellement de tous les avantages offerts par les outils de santé numérique.
- Source: Inforoute Santé Canada »
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Our business model is unique - we support clinics in their use of technology to improve their productivity.
This in turn positively impacts healthcare access for patients.

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