No-show Management

Benefit from encouraging your patients’ attendance.

Finally, an absence management system that allows your clinic to outsource billing in the case of a no-show.

An asset for your clinic

Educate patients so they realize the importance of their presence. Lighten the workloads of your medical secretaries. Generate additional revenue for your clinic.

more cost-effective clinic and sensitized patients

Access to health services is precious, and no-shows are costly for everyone: the doctor, the clinic, the health system and even other patients. Thanks to our no-show management service, patients are made aware of the importance of their presence: they are notified, in advance, of applicable fees should they not not show up for their appointment. Patients are also offered the opportunity to confirm OR cancel their appointment within an acceptable time frame, of your choosing, to avoid such charges. If a patient is nonetheless absent and misses their appointment, Bonjour-santé® will send them an electronic invoice or a payment notification by phone.

 7%of scheduled appointments in medical clinics are lost due to no-shows.
« 89% des Canadiens jugent important de profiter personnellement de tous les avantages offerts par les outils de santé numérique.
- Source: Inforoute Santé Canada »
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